The Zama Trend

Have you ever repurposed existing equipment and by-products in a novel way to improve the incremental recovery of an oil and gas project?

In the pinnacle reef reservoirs of the Zama Trend (Canada), production engineers used several techniques to repurpose their existing equipment and by-products yielding incremental recoveries of ~10-15% of STOIIP. These techniques included:

  1. Developing a producer into an injector for an acid gas miscible pilot (Figure 1).
  2. Utilizing a pilot hole for an unsuccessful horizontal well as a backup injector.
  3. Using CO2 and H2S rich residue gas from the field’s gas plant as a miscible solvent to improve recovery and sequester greenhouse gases (Figure 2).

The Digital Analogue Knowledge System (DAKS™) contains many global oil and gas analogues specifically focused on repurposing existing equipment and by-products. Use these analogues to benchmark your own field, and delve into C&C Reservoirs Reservoir Evaluation Reports to discover best practices from top performing reservoirs that can be applied to your own assets.

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