Successfully screen CO2 storage projects with DAKS™ to minimize risks and uncertainty.
Including: site selection, characterization and monitoring.

CCUS Evaluation Report

How Can DAKSHelp Carbon Sequestration Projects?

The Digital Analogue Knowledge System (DAKS™) provides input and calibration for an early screening of CCS opportunities and helps improve the understanding of critical issues related to CO2 sequestration. This includes detailed assessment of geologic reservoirs and estimation of storage capacity, injectivity and containment for the permanent and safe storage of CO2.

Carbon Storage In Deep Saline Aquifers

Use global analogue benchmarking within DAKS as an integral part of your carbon storage evaluation workflow to help:

  • Characterize the permissible alternatives of a geologic model.
  • Provide input for storage estimation.
  • Calibrate uncertainty ranges.
  • Validate development and facility concepts.
DAKS For CCUS - Carbon storage In Deep Saline Aquifers
DAKS FOR CCUS - DAKS interface and DAKS Portfolio Tool interface

Carbon Storage In Depleted Oil & Gas Fields

Identify carbon storage candidates to match your strategy. DAKS allows you to:

  • Standardize essential parameters for storage capacity, injectivity and containment (including legacy well integrity).
  • Build a reservoir knowledge base unique to your portfolio and classify an existing portfolio of depleted oil & gas fields.
  • Benchmark against global analogues to identify systematic trends and biases in subsurface assessments.
  • Objectively screen and rank all depleted oil & gas fields.

Carbon Utilization In Producing Oil & Gas Fields

Screen, identify and evaluate potential candidates for CO₂ IOR/EOR application.

  • Screen and identify CO2 IOR/EOR opportunities using key intrinsic parameters.
  • Quickly evaluate potential candidates for CO2 IOR/EOR application based on proven cases.
  • Test key CO2 IOR/EOR success factors based on best practices and lessons learned from relevant analogues.
  • Benchmark CO2 IOR/EOR performance against global analogues to identify issues and value creation opportunities.
  • Calibrate potential incremental recovery for CO2 IOR/EOR method.
DAKS For CCUS - Carbon Utilization In Producing Oil & Gas Fields