Our Philosophy

Company Culture - Value


At C&C Reservoirs we do everything we can to add value to our customers and employees lives. Through excellence in product development and customer service, we aim to advance the scientific usage of analogue intelligence throughout the oil & gas industry to allow everyone to achieve the most from their assets. This has led to C&C Reservoirs becoming the trusted market leader in capturing, standardizing and synthesizing global field and reservoir knowledge.

Diversity & Respect

A flexible, friendly, and multi-cultural working environment is at the heart of C&C Reservoirs. We are committed to maintaining a culture of inclusion and opportunity where employees feel valued and secure. As part of this we strive for transparency, fairness, and openness across our organization. We promote a healthy work-life balance for all our employees. By offering flexible working policies our employees can manage their time efficiently, allowing them to pursue their career and personal goals.

Company Culture - Diversity & Respect
Company Culture - Team Spirit

Team Spirit

We believe team spirit arises from active participation, collaboration, and contribution. We are committed to learning and sharing through clear and effective communication. We provide development opportunities which allow our employees to grow professionally. We also offer a variety of employee engagement and team-building opportunities which help to reinforce our team spirit.

Organisational Efficiency

Our company has an expectation of high-performance. To achieve this, we align objectives at all levels of our company with minimal bureaucracy. We believe that every voice is equal and that everyone’s opinions are valuable. Listening to our colleagues enables us to learn, foster creativity, and enact real change to better our organization.

Company Culture - Team Spirit