Facilitate the comparison of field performance against what is possible, understand what best performing fields have done to maximize production efficiency, and establish recovery factor trends

DAKS Empirical Recovery Tool - Tongs Curve - and DAKS Benchmarking Tool

Benchmark Production and Recovery Techniques

Help rejuvenate the production of your field and maximize ultimate recovery by using information derived from global analogues. Identify opportunities for reserve growth using global analogues to discover what the most efficient producers are doing under comparable geologic and engineering circumstances. Analogues can also help determine which improved and enhanced oil recovery techniques are likely to be the most efficient for any given reservoir.

Screen Investment Opportunities

Analogue intelligence has proven to be a powerful method to screen investment opportunities in mature, or even abandoned, fields. C&C Reservoirs methodology improves decision quality and drives value. Benchmarking of key production performance and recovery factor attributes against global analogues can help uncover critical issues and reveal new opportunities for improvement. Further analysis of these issues can help identify the best-performing analogues, allowing you to learn from their successes and create potential solutions to production challenges.

Production performance graph and well treatment pie chart generated in DAKS

Why DAKS™?

  • Save significant time and cost in researching and analyzing analogous global reservoirs

  • Benchmark your own fields against top performing fields
  • Test new ideas for production improvement against proven recovery methods
  • Calibrate uncertainty, stimulate creativity, reveal trends and improve confidence in recovering more oil and gas or improving production efficiency
  • Identify and learn ‘best’ production practices
  • Understand causes and effects and predict beyond the known to the unknown
  • Support reserves bookings adopting SPE / SEC guidelines

  • Devise, test and refine strategies to optimize oil and gas recovery and to rejuvenate mature fields

  • Establish a reservoir’s technical limits​

Production Case Study

Using the DAKS™ Benchmarking Workflow to Improve Hydrocarbon Recovery

The workflow highlighted in this DAKS case study aims to inform decisions by identifying the best-in-class performers and examining in detail what differentiates them. It has been successfully applied to improve hydrocarbon recovery for carbonate, clastic, and basement reservoirs globally. This case study demonstrates that this workflow has real-world utility in the identification of upside recovery potential and specific actions that can be taken to optimize production and recovery.