The Machar Field

This Analogue Spotlight is the Machar Field in the UK North Sea. This global oil and gas analogue provides a perfect example of how phased development can be useful when facing uncertainty surrounding reservoir distribution and performance.

The majority of reserves in the Machar Field (UK Block 23/26a) are contained within deepwater pelagic chalk, with initial appraisal wells showing variable flow rates, leading to uncertainty surrounding the commercial viability of the field. As a result, the development at Machar was undertaken in three phases:

Phase 1 – Tested both long term productivity from the fractured chalk and natural drive strength.

Phase 2 – Tested the effectiveness of water injection in the fractured chalk reservoir.

Phase 3 – Saw the Machar field put fully on stream.

Phase 1 and 2 increased the Machar reserves from 62 MMBO (under natural depletion) to 135 MMBO (under water injection) and proved that production was commercially feasible enough to bring it on stream.

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