The Bati-Raman Field

An ideal analogue for heavy oil fields is the Bati-Raman Field in Turkey which contains heavy (10-15 °API), undersaturated and highly viscous oil. Due to the additional challenges posed by a low GOR and inactive aquifer, primary recovery factor was as low as 1.5%.

To counter these challenges, the operators used a combination of recovery techniques, including:

  1. Steam injection combined with horizontal producers in the crestal area containing high conductivity vertical fractures.
  2. Chemically augmented WAG to assist CO2 injection in areas where there is a poor response to CO2 injection alone.
  3. Continuation of CO2 injection in the eastern part of the field where a CO2 pilot study proved it viable. (Fig 1).
  4. Following the implementation of these techniques and their regular reassessment, recovery factor has now been increased to 10.5% to date.

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