C&C Reservoirs latest EOR content release is now available in DAKS. This includes 15 new EOR reports added to the DAKS EOR Module.

Highlights include:

Gudao Field Central-II-Center Block Pilot (China) – Thermal Continuous Steam Injection
Successful production of the 12.2 °API, 286 cP heavy oil by incremental recovery of 25.8% in the pilot, proving the feasibility of continuous steam flood after long-term continuous water flood.

Vacuum Field EVGSA Unit CO₂ -Foam Pilot (USA) – CO₂-Foam Miscible Flood
Successful CO₂-foam SAG flood pilot conducted from April 1992 to September 1993, demonstrating strong foam generation at reservoir conditions, and attributing 3.9% incremental recovery.

Kuparuk River Field Large Scale EOR (LSEOR) Project (USA) – Hydrocarbon Miscible Flood
Through several expansion phases, the Miscible Water Alternating Gas (MWAG) project with more than 623 wells proved to be not only a remarkable success by incremental recovery of 7% but also an effective gas storage method.

Suffield Field Cane Pool Pilot (Canada) – Polymer Flood
Positive response to the polymer injection quickly demonstrates with oil production increasing after one month of polymer injection and the overall success leading to expansion of the polymer injection scheme to other sections of the reservoir.

Inside the DAKS EOR Module

The DAKS™ EOR Module has been designed to optimise the screening of enhanced oil recovery processes to maximise recovery. The knowledge contained in the EOR Module addresses some of the common industry challenges related to using EOR techniques. Through the identification of applicable global analogues and best practices, our users can discover the most appropriate technique for their assets and understand the key risks or uncertainties involved.

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