C&C Reservoirs latest EOR content release includes 13 EOR Evaluation Reports.
These are now available within the DAKS EOR Module.

Highlights Include:

Brazeau River Field A Pool Project (Canada) – Hydrocarbon Miscible Flood
With an incremental recovery of 26.5% STOIIP and gross hydrocarbon gas utilization of 9.3 MCF/BO, this highly successful project achieved a marked oil production increase and a six-year production plateau.

Captain Field SUCS Two-Well Pilot (UK) – Polymer Flood
Targeting the 49-200 cP heavy oil, the pilot is expected to achieve an incremental recovery of 16% STOIIP and a dry polymer utilization of 1.2kg/BO.

Chaoyanggou Field Chao-50 Block Expanded Pilot (China) – Microbial Flood
The successful microbial pilot for fracture reservoir with permeability as low as 25 mD broke the established permeability limit of 50 mD in the industry, expecting an incremental recovery of 5% STOIIP. Zonal injection, profile modification and microbial huff & puff prove to be effective in improving project performance.

Kelly-Snyder Field Four-Pattern (4PA) Pilot (USA) – CO₂ WAG Miscible Flood
This successful pilot achieved an incremental recovery of 9% STOIIP with a gross CO₂ utilization of 9.5 MCF/BO, demonstrated the applicability of CO₂ in fields with mature waterflood. Effective well recompletion proved to be beneficial for maximizing the CO₂ flood recovery efficiency.

C&C Reservoirs’ EOR Evaluation Reports provide complete documentation on the EOR methods proven to be effective in improving field production performance, recording the lessons learned and best practices within the context of EOR over the lifespan of a field or reservoir.

Inside the DAKS EOR Module

DAKS™ Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Module has been designed to optimize the screening of EOR methods to maximize recovery and address common industry challenges encountered when conducting EOR. Through the identification of applicable global analogues and best practices our users can understand key risks and uncertainties, using this information to identify the most appropriate methods for their assets.

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