C&C Reservoirs latest EOR content release includes 25 new or updated EOR Evaluation Reports. These are now available within the DAKS EOR Module.

Highlights Include:

Cranfield Field (USA) – CO₂ Storage And Utilization – CO₂ Miscible Flood
A remarkably successful CO₂ Storage and Utilization project, redeveloping the abandoned oil field with an expected incremental recovery of 15.8% STOIIP, and having retained 104.7 BCF of CO₂.

Loudon Field – Second Lewis Ripley Pilot (USA) – Surfactant Flood
Appling a 25% smaller microemulsion bank (0.3 PV), recovering 67.5% of the post-waterflood remaining oil with an incremental recovery of 28.8% STOIIP.

Oerrel Field (Germany) – Middle Block Pilot – Polymer Flood
Both technically and economically successful pilot on the 19-cP oil, leading to the commercial expansion to some other sections, expecting to obtain an incremental recovery of 23.5% STOIIP.

Videle Field (Romania) – East Videle Two-Pattern Pilot – In-Situ Combustion
Achieving technically and economically promising results with a significant increase in oil production and a reduction in water-cut, predicting an incremental recovery of 24% STOIIP.

C&C Reservoirs’ EOR Evaluation Reports provide complete documentation on the EOR methods proven to be effective in improving field production performance, recording the lessons learned and best practices within the context of EOR over the lifespan of a field or reservoir.

Inside the DAKS EOR Module

DAKS™ Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Module has been designed to optimize the screening of EOR methods to maximize recovery and address common industry challenges encountered when conducting EOR. Through the identification of applicable global analogues and best practices our users can understand key risks and uncertainties, using this information to identify the most appropriate methods for their assets.

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