C&C Reservoirs has just released 15 new in-depth EOR Reports from around the wolrd.
These reports are now available within the DAKS EOR Module.

Highlights include:

Hankensbuettel Field West Block 4 Commercial Application (Germany) – Polymer Flood
Both technically and economically successful polymer flood of homogeneous, high-quality sand, attributed to incremental recovery of 19%, achieving a maximum water-cut drop during EOR of 16.4%.

Postle Field Field-Wide Application (USA) – CO₂ WAG Miscible Flood
Successfully rejuvenated matured field production with an expected incremental recovery of 18% and gross and net CO₂ utilization of 17.3 MCF/BO and 4 MCF/BO, respectively.

West Kiehl Field Field-Scale Project (USA) – Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) Flood
The first ASP case in the USA achieving technically successful of the 24 °API oil by an expected incremental recovery of 10.7%, with the chemical cost at $2.13/BO.

Zhenglizhuang Field Gao89-1 Block Pilot (China) – CO₂ Miscible Flood
Successfully mitigated CO₂ gas channeling and delayed CO₂ breakthrough, expecting to obtain incremental recovery by 17.2%, achieving cumulative CO₂ utilization of 11.6 MCF/BO with 86.5% CO₂ injection stored in the reservoir.

C&C Reservoirs’ EOR reports provide complete documentation on the EOR methods proven to be effective in improving field production performance, recording the lessons learned and best practices within the context of EOR over the lifespan of a field or reservoir.

Inside the DAKS EOR Module

The DAKS™ EOR Module has been designed to optimise the screening of enhanced oil recovery processes to maximise recovery. The knowledge contained in the EOR Module addresses some of the common industry challenges related to using EOR techniques. Through the identification of applicable global analogues and best practices, our users can discover the most appropriate technique for their assets and understand the key risks or uncertainties involved.

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