Our latest content release is now available in DAKS! This includes 51 Field Evaluation Reports and covers 60 reservoirs from across the globe.

Highlights include:

Agua Fria Production Unit (Mexico) – Water injection pilots in this low-perm turbidite sandstone reservoir in the Chicontepec Paleocanyon area proved disappointing due to sensitive mineralogy, but recovery was aided by multi-zone hydraulic fracturing.

Presidente Aleman Production Unit (Mexico) – Low-perm turbidite sandstone reservoir in the Chicontepec Paleocanyon area, developed by hydraulically fractured wells and boosted by infill and step-out drilling.

Buracica (Brazil) – Braided-fluvial and aeolian Sergi reservoir, onshore Recôncavo Basin, with exceptionally low reservoir pressure. Recovery was improved by water injection, with later-life immiscible CO2 injection.

Frade (Brazil) – Heavy oil field in the deep-water Campos Basin. Faulted turbidite slope-channel complex, developed with horizontal producers and vertical water injectors. Production interrupted for 18 months by a seabed blowout.

Loudon (USA) – Onstream since 1938, this Illinois Basin field with multiple shallow-marine sandstone reservoirs, was initially supported by gas injection, then later by waterflooding and infill drilling, and surfactant-polymer pilots. Assessed for CO2 sequestration potential.

Farnsworth (USA) – Mature Anadarko Basin field. After 55 years of waterflood-supported production from high net-to-gross Pennsylvanian fluvial-estuarine sandstones, a major WAG/ carbon-sequestration project using anthropogenic CO2 begun in 2010.

Updated/rewritten reports:

All the reports included in this release were chosen for updating due to the publication of significant new engineering information, new production data, new reserve/resource information and/or revised geological models. This update includes a wide global spread of reports, including: 32 from North America, 6 from Asia-Pacific, 5 from Latin America, 4 from Europe, 2 from Africa, and 2 from the Middle East.

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