The first DAKS content release of 2021 is here! Featuring 42 new and updated Field Evaluation Reports covering 63 reservoirs across the globe.

Highlights include:

Elephant (Libya) – Giant oilfield in an Ordovician glaciogenic reservoir developed by horizontal wells, with production supported by an active aquifer and water injection.

Hasdrubal (Tunisia) – Fractured carbonate reservoir, with best reservoir quality where partially dolomitized. Gasfield with a thin oil rim, subject to water coning from a strong aquifer.

Zamzama (Pakistan) – Mature gasfield in a structurally complex, heterogeneous turbidite reservoir, produced by 11 wells in a phased development.

Jake South (Sudan) – Waxy, low-GOR oil produced under strong aquifer drive, with recovery enhanced by a variety of innovative techniques, including in situ gas lift, cyclic gas reinjection, continuous nitrogen injection and water injection.

Scarab-Saffron (Egypt) – Giant dry-gas field, in deepwater Nile Delta, in Upper Pliocene slope-canyon turbidites with high porosity and well-characterized by seismic attribute modelling.

Sapphire (Egypt) – Giant gas-condensate field, in deepwater Nile Delta, in Lower Pliocene slope-fan and channel turbidites with low permeability and requiring matrix acidization and gravel packs for sand control.

Habban (Yemen) – Oil recovery from a Cretaceous sandstone reservoir is recharged by the main, underlying fractured basement reservoir. Production affected by episodic military conflict.

Updated/rewritten reports:

  • All the updated reports have been chosen for updating due to the publication of significant new engineering information, new production data, and/or revised geological models
  • The updated/rewritten reports have been restructured, and revised throughout, with additional engineering and production information, and with hundreds of additional parameters added to the digital Table of Parameters knowledge base in DAKS.
  • Wide global spread of updated field report locations, including: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Russia, Latin America, Middle-East, North America, and UK.
DAKS Content Release Sapphire Field Collage
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