C&C Reservoirs’ latest content release is now available in DAKS. This includes 77 Reservoir Evaluation Reports from across the globe.

Highlights include:

Blake (UK) – Two reservoirs, both in Lower Cretaceous turbidites, with development focused on the main, excellent-quality, stacked channel-sands reservoir, by six horizontal producers and two water injectors. The poorer-quality thin-sheetsands reservoir, though larger, is sparsely developed.

Buchan (UK) – Tight and fractured Devonian fluvial sandstone reservoir. Crestal water injection was largely unsuccessful, but water-cut was still <60% after 40 years’ production.

Chichimene (Columbia) – Two reservoirs, one in good-quality Eocene fluvial sands with recovery of the extra-heavy oil aided by water injection, EPSs and infill drilling. The other, minor reservoir consists of moderate-quality Upper Cretaceous deltaic/estuarine sands, producing heavy oil under aquifer drive.

Heletz (Israel) – Onstream since 1955, this faulted and layered coastal-sandstone, medium-gravity oil reservoir has been produced without pressure support and field life has been sustained by infill and step-out drilling.

Maari (New Zealand) – Offshore development of low-moderate quality, Miocene slope-fan turbidites using horizontal wells recompletions. IR methods include water injection and sidetrack infill drilling.

Vankor (Russia) – Multi-reservoir, supergiant oil & gas field, onstream since 2009, with production from layered, shallow-marine Lower Cretaceous reservoirs through multilateral wells light, aided by water injection and polymer conformance improvement measures.

Covenant (USA) – Lower Jurassic aeolian-dune sandstone reservoir with high N:G, but fault-compartmentalized, producing low-GOR oil under strong aquifer drive.

Updated/rewritten reports:

All the reports included in this release were chosen for updating due to the publication of significant new engineering information, new production data, new reserve/resource information and/or revised geological models. This update includes a wide global spread of reports, including: 37 from North America, 18 from Asia-Pacific, 10 from the Middle East, 5 from Europe, 4 from Latin America, 3 from Russia and the Caspian Sea.

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