The Gryphon Field

Are sand injectites economically and technically viable to produce? Although often thought of as unconventional and uneconomic to produce, sand injectites have a high porosity and permeability, meaning they can provide good quality petroleum reservoirs.

When production in the Gryphon Field (UK) began to decline, operators made the decision to actively target the sand injectite ‘wings’ of the reservoir. After reprocessing and advanced analysis of the seismic data, several horizontal wells were drilled into the injectites. The production from the sand injectites in the Gryphon Field:

  • Increased from 8515 BOPD in 2003 to 17,742 BOPD in 2005.
  • Accounted for ~14% of field reserves from 2004-08.
  • Rejuvenated the field and extended its longevity.
  • Created a great analogue for similar sand injectites within oil fields.

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