The Cranfield Reservoir

Are late-stage fields viable for CCS? Our answer… Yes. Global analogues provide an abundance of transferable field knowledge which can be applied to CCS projects.

For example, the Cranfield SECARB project repurposed an abandoned four-way dip closed anticline into a viable CO2 storage project. Since 2008, 5.4 Mt of CO2 have been successfully stored and monitored.

Cranfield provides insights into:

  • Repurposing abandoned/post-production fields
  • New CCS specific reservoir characterisations
  • Pressure communication and CO2 transmission across a known fault
  • Pressure surveillance and monitoring techniques

Global analogues, like Cranfield SECARB, provide valuable insights into the development of post-production prospects. With updates coming to DAKS, you will be able to benchmark your assets post-production capabilities directly against leading CCS projects.

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