The first content release for DAKS™ 5.0 is here! Featuring 52 new and updated Field Evaluation Reports covering 83 reservoirs across the globe.

Highlights include:

Rijn (Netherlands) – An Offshore Dutch oilfield, reservoired in Lower Cretaceous sandstones, rejuvenated after 11 years’ shut-in by 10 new producers and water injectors, with ESPs and corrosion inhibitors.

Goldeneye (UK) – UK Central North Sea, gas-condensate field. High-quality sandstone reservoir with strong aquifer drive, abandoned in 2011 after 7 years production and 69% recovery factor.

Bigoray Nisku-D&E (Canada) – Fractured, Devonian pinnacle-reef carbonate reservoir. Light oil production shut-in in 2015, then resumed in 2017 following additional drilling, with plans for miscible flood.

Edvard Greig (Norway) – Triassic fluvial-aeolian reservoir with permeabilities up to 16 Darcies, produced through 10 horizontals supported by five downdip horizontal water injectors.

Alvheim (Norway) – Norwegian complex of oil-with-gas pools in high-quality, submarine-fan lobe sands, produced under strong aquifer drive through horizontals and multilaterals completed with sandscreens, ICDs and gas lift.

Erha (Nigeria) – One of Nigeria’s first deep-water developments. Light, waxy oil produced from heterogeneous turbidite-channel complexes, with water and gas injection optimized through 4-D seismic.

Akpo (Nigeria) – Nigerian ultra-deep-water development. Multiple submarine-fan reservoirs contain volatile oils to gas-condensates, which are produced with support from water and gas injection.

Updated/rewritten reports:

  • All the updated reports have been chosen for updating due to the publication of significant new engineering information, new production data, and/or revised geological models
  • The updated/rewritten reports have been restructured, and revised throughout, with additional engineering and production information, and with hundreds of additional parameters added to the digital Table of Parameters knowledge base in DAKS.
  • Wide global spread of updated field report locations, including: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Russia, Latin America, Middle-East, North America, Australia, and UK.
DAKS 5.0 October Content Release Collage