Even More Knowledge

The first release of updated and new field reports is now available in DAKS 3.0. This includes updated and new reports, figures and hundreds of additional parameters added to tables of parameters that can be leveraged for detailed insight using the analytical tools in DAKS. In additional a significant amount of new production data has been added.

Highlights include:

  • Shah (UAE) – fractured Cretaceous carbonate oil reservoir underlain by a supergiant sour gas accumulation in Jurassic carbonates
  • Nang Nuan (Thailand) – unusual fan-delta conglomerate and karstified carbonate reservoirs producing waxy, high-CO2, sour oil.
  • Raageshwari Deep (India) – gas-condensate producer from fractured volcanic and fluvio-lacustrine clastic reservoirs.
  • Who Dat (USA) – deepwater oil producer from high-quality Mio-Pliocene turbidite sands
  • South Timbalier Block 21 (USA) – mature, shallow-water oil and gas development nearing depletion

Updated/rewritten reports:

  • All the updated reports have been chosen for updating due to the publication of significant new engineering information, new production data, and/or revised geological models
  • The updated/rewritten reports have been restructured, and revised throughout, with additional engineering and production information, and with hundreds of additional parameters added to the Table of Parameters
  • Wide global spread of updated field report locations, including Gulf of Mexico, USA; Asia-Pacific region; Kuwait; UAE; and, India.
DAKS 3.0 Collage