What’s New?

DAKS 4.0 offers intuitive changes to the user interface alongside additional features and functions, enabling you to maximise the value of working with intelligence from global oil and gas fields.

Alongside these platform updates, we have added 15 new and 28 updated Field Evaluation Reports covering 57 reservoirs to our extensive global reservoir knowledge base.

DAKS 4.0 platform update includes:

  • Input tool available for all users for the capture of knowledge on E&P assets for ~400 geological-engineering parameters and for ~40 parameters for production data
  • Reservoir Administrator can control how fields are shared across the company
  • Control who can Export Proprietary data
  • Create numeric Calculated Parameters to understand controlling factors
  • Color tool improvements – colors can be grouped at selected levels in a hierarchy
  • Parameter selection UI enhanced across DAKS
  • Blue information button now available in more places
  • Save Export templates

New content highlights include:

  • 15 New and 28 Updated Field Evaluation Reports with 20 New and 37 Updated reservoirs
  • Adding over 860 new and updated Field production history curves
  • New parameters added across the database
    • Pool count
    • Recovery to date of EUR
    • Plateau recovery
    • Buildup duration
    • Plateau duration
    • Decline rate
  • Data integrity projects
    • Well rates
    • Plateau production
    • Flowability and Mobility index
    • Elevation and Water depth
    • Reservoir and Pool count
DAKS 4.0 Release Collage